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After the amazing one day “Photography Rendezvous” with Nikon Ambassador Vincent Versace at Mumbai ( Sept 26 2013) compiling here few shots of/during the workshop!

Workshop Outline

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?

- Ernst Haas

The primary goal of this workshop is to learn how to create timeless imagery by capturing the gesture of a moment with stillness. In this workshop, participants will explore how to make unique imagery in camera as well as how to approach the post processing of a photograph in Photoshop not as if it is a verb, but as a noun.

Because no two photographs are the same, no two people who shot them are the same and most certainly no two workshop groups are the same, the class is organized specifically for the needs of the attendees.  Some of the potential areas to be covered biased on the requested needs of the class are: 

  1. Environmental lighting : How to use the physical environment and the things in the environment to bend the light to your needs.

  2. Fine Art Photograph/Photoshop workflow : Planning for the print from point of capture.

  3. ExDR : Extending the dynamic range of focus, blur, and time through the use of Image harvesting.

  4. Bokeh :The quality of how a lens goes from in focus to blur

  5. Depth of Field : How to use blur and focus to bring forth a more powerful image. (All students will be provided with a free copy of Focalpoint2 software from onOne software)

  6. Gesture : What is the gesture of a moment, how to capture it and how to use it to great motion within a stillness.

  7. Advanced Black and White : Every black and white technique known to man, when to and when not to use them. (All students will be provided with actions and configurator by the instructor.)

  8. Shape and Color : How to use shape as the unwitting ally of color, so that color is remembered over shape in your images.

The result of this three day intensive workshop, in both the field and during the discussions about the post processing techniques, is to realize images that echo the stillness and beauty of the light, the gesture, and of the moments of India that move the photographer to be taken by the photograph. The photographs are upheld by the unique vision of the participants in combination with exquisite technical craft. The focus of this class is biased more towards the 'art of shooting' and seeing and how software can make the voice of the photographer heard.

In Vincent’s words  “There is no place on earth that where you can experience the spice of life as well as the spirit of life better than Incredible India. To photograph India is like being in a dream only to wake and find yourself immersed in a deeper dream. There is no place I know of better to teach how not to take a photograph but how to be taken by a photograph.

Few places on earth are as full of light, gesture, color and the potential for timelessness as India. From the color and hue of the clothes of the people the powerful beauty of the urban landscape as well as the diversity of light creates the environment for stunning imagery.”

Workshop Outline

The Lens is the Brush, The Camera is the Canvas, the File is the Sheet Music and the Print is the Symphony.

Every artist has an instrument. Painters have their brushes and canvas, sculptors their chisels and stone, dancers their bodies. All of these instruments are used to express the artist's individual voice and vision. For the photographer the instrument is a camera, the brush is the lens, and the canvas is the ultimate expression of artistic voice and vision being the final image.

In this one day workshop Vincent will discuss the journey that he takes, or rather the journey that takes him, down the path of creating his images. From people, places and things, San Francisco to New York, Burma to India, infrared black and white to full-color visible spectrum, Vincent Versace will discuss his use of cameras, digital infrared black and white as well as the lenses he uses, the post processing choices and software he uses, and why he makes the choices that he makes. All focused towards one goal: the print. It is not about taking a photograph, but how to be taken by a photograph.

Vincent Versace

Vincent Versace is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. His passion for natural light photography is manifest not only in his work but also through his role as a creative and technical leader, contributing to innovative breakthroughs across the entire digital image value chain.

Vincent is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the Shellenberg fine art award. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History. He is the photographer of Immediate Assistants Medical Rescue Go Team. He was commissioned by the San Francisco Presidio Trust to create a body of photographic work to permanently capture this National Park and Historic Landmark.

Vincent’s work has been highlighted in American Photo, Popular Photography, The New York Times, Shutterbug, Outdoor Photographer, Pro Digital Imaging, PDN, What Digital Camera, Petersen’s Photographic, PC Camera, Studio Design and Photography, Professional Photographer, Digital Imaging and many more. Nominated multiple times to the Photoshop Hall of Fame, Vincent has been recognized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals through the creation of the Vincent Versace Award for Digital Photography Excellence. The Vinnie is a special category of the Photoshop Guru Awards, the most prestigious and coveted awards in the international digital imaging industry.

He is the author of the bestselling Welcome to Oz 2.0: A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with Photoshop, and the 2012 release of From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black & White Technique Known to Mankind. His book has been selected as Shutterbug Magazine’s best how-to book of the year.Read More

Vincent Versace Banaras Photographs

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